Feedback for Alexander — Carmen Maria von Unrug


Your images are effectively layed out and work with the text; I would advise that you consider the positioning of the third postcard's text, especially when you transition to the phone screen size, as the text gets a little lost in the background image. The yellow and white of the sweater and shirt are making legibility more difficult. Perhaps add contract or switch to a different image as a transition.

In terms of aesthetic, the design is simple but warm, and evokes the memories of watching the goonies. I would try to find higher resolution images. The design is related to the concept as they are linked; the quotes are from the film. The imagery could be better chosen; I'd recommend a neutral or darker colored background for the text to pop. Maybe make the font different as it could make the read easier.

Structurally, the visual priorities are the image and then the text. There is the slight conflict between some images and the text, the second postcard is the strongest. The legibility of the first one is compromised due to the lighter yellow background, which isn't too much of an issue, except that black text would work better for it in terms of readability.

At all sizes provided, the images start at a certain size, then zoom in along with the text being reoriented. The text collides with imagery usually when you switch to the phone size, which then influences legibility. There are some compression sartifacts, but this also is impacts by the resolution of the original image.